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Entry #1

Mr. Sonic's Wild Ride

2007-07-17 22:45:35 by WoodyForrest

I'm releasing a few loops and a full length version of a song called Mr. Sonic's Wild Ride this week.

This song has seen many, many incarnations over the last two years, but I finally found a direction and jumped in. It started as an excuse to experiment with the guitar patches in Reason and try to tweak them into sounding like real guitars. The song itself was originally a kind of techno, rock thing, but it was pretty terrible so I scrapped the project for awhile.

I came back to it a few months later and it became what it is today. Please enjoy!

Technical things:

The pieces of the medley are: Robotnik 2, Robotnik 1, Final Boss, Sonic & Knuckles Intro, 1up, and the Outro I believe. The mini-boss / boss songs are out of order because of, let's say, unknown circumstances.

4 songs:

Mr. Sonic's Wild Ride
Robotnik's First (Loop)
Robotnik's Second (Loop)
Robotnik's Finale (Loop)

I did have to take the bit rate down on the full song to 112 to get it small enough for Newgrounds to take it, but I think it still sounds pretty good. The loops are at 192.

Let me know how they sound to you!


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