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2008-02-20 04:49:32 by WoodyForrest

I'm sure this has been posted by a billion different internet users on a billion different planets, but you can't hardly google any name or username without finding a billion different iterations. Apparently the theory of parallel coexisting universes is true, as any one person seems to exist simultaneously in different lives.

Holy crap.

Also, I'm giving a try at animating, with or without (in this case, without) one o' dem fancy schmancy wacom tablets. For some reason I let that stop me before (and we'll find out if that logic was founded or not), but I'll be bringing my first flash cartoon to newgrounds soon, most likely within the month. Sketch book and scanner. That's all I need.

Well, not really. I would love one of dem there wacoms tableteurs, cuz I'm cooking up an epic series I is.

We'll see if that ever comes to fruition though. Right now, I'm teaching myself the basics. So look out world, some guy that no one's ever heard of is gonna make a internet debut, and it's gonna be a good 'un. Or a weird 'un. Yeah, that's more the way this cartoon is shaping up.

And to anyone brave enough to venture forth into this unknown blog, buried under the depths of millions more with a million more interesting things to say, I offer a hand of gratitude.

I keep it in formaldehyde.

That's kind of gross. I'm sorry.


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2008-02-20 06:09:15


(Updated ) WoodyForrest responds:

I blame it on late nights. That will probably be your response to this cartoon too. :) Thanks for the visit!